January 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

Today is lazy. I don’t feel like doing anything at all. NOT EVEN ART. Sometimes I sit in my room and ponder for so long about what I should do. Normally it is me pondering about some weird art project I want to do. The color of my room inspires and motivates me. But I’m starting to think I have too much color in my room. This is because there are tons of posters, art, etc. that are extremely colorful  hanging over the pale yellow walls. I’m not sure if I should take them down when I go to college. Creating a new space and/or “home” will be very weird for me next year, and this decision will be among the hardest (the posters). If my parents turn my room into some wanna-be yoga studio or office or something, I will feel ouber weird. Dawn’s room was converted into an office only because of financial issues with my parent’s business, plus, the room is downstairs. What is even weirder, is that in four months (when I graduate), Dani will probably still be living here and she is older than I am, but I’ll be moving out before her. If she uses my room as something phony, like storage purposes, I will be pissed. I sound like Holden.


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