dream numba uno

February 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

I was told by someone near and dear to my heart that my dreams normally are about my sexuality or my family (seperate of course). Today, I described a long dream I had last night to this friend of mine.

I was stuck in World War II. It starts out like this: me on an inflatable life boat that looks like an RV, but it is really the Titanic. From the dock we start to go straight out into the ocean until I start going to the left on my life boat. To the left is where there is a war going on between a dozen or more Germany and United States boats. There are gun shots everywhere. I get super excited, take a gun out, and start shooting. All of a sudden I fly up and down into the ocean water. I end up underneath a boat in seaweed with Todd. Todd and I grab the edge of the boat and sit on the back. We see an old man who looks friendly. I ask if we can sit on his boat. He says sure, and that he will take us to his house which is on shore next to the water.  He walks off the boat and up a hill towards a house with some trees and bushes towards the back of the house. We follow him into the house and Todd gets into the first shower. I walk down the hall and find another shower. I proceed to take off my clothing to get in. Once I am finished, I know that Todd isn’t, and I tiptoe down the hall towards Todd’s shower to try to find him, and of course get into the shower with him. On the way, I am surprised to see the old man. He isn’t being creepy about my nakedness, he says “oops! sorry”, and starts to fix something. I help him, naked. From there the old man and Todd disappear. I end up in a different part of the old man’s house with my mom, dad, Dani, and my Aunt Michelle who is my mom’s older sister. We are hiding from the people outside. My dad, mom and Aunt keep reminding Dani and I to be quiet. Dani and I are younger, and more naive. The war is still going on in the ocean in front of the house. It is approaching dusk when the United States boats finally sink a long, German boat. I am really nervous that we will be caught by anyone who can see our lights or hear us. Someone standing behind a tree outside sees me as I run to turn off the TV while Dani is watching Chicago. My mom, Dani, me and my Aunt hide in the bed from the person outside. They are only Jewish people looking for a hide out. Somehow they disappear. The night goes by, and the next day we actually go outside to cut a tree. I help my dad and somebody else cut the branches. Later in the day, the old man walks in the front door handing me some weird contraption that looks like an exacto knife with two blades at different ends to smoke from. I was innocent and didn’t know what “getting high” felt like, but I liked it. A black lady later walks in drunk, with liquor, and decides to turn on music. My dad runs over and turns it down so that no one will hear us partying. The next morning, I somehow end up stuck in traffic with my sister and some cute boys in an RV. Then I end up in the Hacienda movie cinema, naked, looking for a towel and asking my dad for my cell phone. I see that I have 10 new text messages and 3 voicemails. The dream ends.


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