dream number 2

February 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

I was on the freeway which was somehow moving water for a long time with my dad and somebody else. I don’t remember exactly what we were doing. Then behind us we see lots of cops chasing after a man for having weed. He keeps almost getting caught but gets away several times. He starts to run towards us. My friend Elizabeth, who I’ve smoked with multiple times, and I start cheering him on to run faster. We follow this chase of the cops and the guy under the freeway. I am sitting on a slide that happens to be under the freeway hiding from all the bleeding people who are fighting with the man to try to capture him. I am covered in blood. I can feel it all over me.. in my pants, my bra, my shirt. I was drenched in blood. More and more people are showing up: Cops on elephants and camels, Brett Morris’ parents, military people. It’s getting really crowded with them there. My mouth was bleeding too and I had trouble speaking because I had gauze for some reason. I see my old 8th grade english and history teacher. I try asking her where a shower is but have trouble speaking with the gauze. I pull it out and finally ask her where one is. She leads me to an outdoor shower. Less people are here. I shower and get off all the blood. The blood that comes out of my pants look like blood most of the time I’m showering, but sometimes looked like pieces of grape jelly. This is where the dream becomes so obscure it’s hard to explain. I remember random little tidbits: my dog talking and sitting in bed like a person, tailgating BART in my car, eating some type of dessert, doing photo booth on some other kids mac with Paul, making out with Paul but him not wanting to. This was totally weird and I can’t remember anymore. The end.


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