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I had the most inspiring evening out with my parents to a poetry reading on First Street in Pleasanton. I was the youngest person in the room, and I am so happy it was that way. I’ve never met so many nice people in one room! Short stories, poems, and a haiku were read. One man who sounded a lot like the Eagles, played his guitar and sang. One lady read a poem about a cat that had passed away 3 weeks ago and it made me cry. I read two poems. I wasn’t sure how the people liked it until after. It was very evident that they liked the poems, my looks, sense of humor, and charm.

At 8:30 it ended, but everyone stayed to talk for another half hour! It’s really amazing how wonderful these people were. I met so many new friends that I cannot wait to see next month at the next poetry read. Albert, David, Debbie, Vince, Adam, Beth, Mary! I can’t even remember the rest! Albert was an old Jewish man and has his own book. He read this hilarious short story of when he was working at Lake DalValle ten years ago when got lost on a trail one night. I laughed so much during his story! And he wasn’t the only  funny one. A ‘pole dancing’ and ‘lap dancing’ Grandma (forgot her name) got a standing ovation from my dad. Her story was about her on BART accidentally falling into the lap of some attractive business man because of the bumps and jolts on BART.

During my reading, David helped finish one of my sentences when I was introducing myself and my poem that got published into an ‘anthology’ (that was the word he helped me out with). I wasn’t sure what type of vibe I was getting from him, until he came up to me at the end of the night. I thought he was just leaving the restaurant, but he was coming to tell me how beautiful I am! He kept saying how great of a person and writer I am, and gave me his card, because he is published also! David really brought joy to my heart. He was totally hitting on me and my mom, which was insanely cute. The thing about David that really got to me was that he got into a car crash when he was my age. He was telling me how he was a star ,varisty athlete. And class president. Until of course the car accident that gave him brain damage. But, let me tell you, the way he spoke was just endearing.

The last person to ‘read’ was Adam, a cute 19-year-old from Livermore who works at the restaurant where we were with a lip ring. I was expecting him to read a poem or something, but all of a sudden he pulls out this memorized rap! It was really good! My dad has talked to him before tonight (because my dad knows the owner of the restaurant… who is really funny by the way… Adam has made sandwiches for my dad since he works there). Tonight he came up to my dad to ask if I was his daughter. My dad wouldn’t tell me anymore! But as my mom and I were talking to Albert, my dad came up to me and said, “I have someone to introduce to you”. He introduced us, and we had a nice conversation about his rap, my poems, and how I’ve always wanted to be the lead singer in a band…

I have so many wonderful things to say about tonight. To sum it up, I cannot wait to write more poetry and stories for next month. Basically today has been a really really really great day, and I just had to write about it here. xoxo.


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