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March 6, 2010 § 2 Comments

Tonight I realized that I have this special relationship with my cat. Yes, I think it’s the only perfect relationship I will ever have in my  life (that’s an exaggeration). However, this annoying cat gives me much more than I discern. He constantly meows until I get him purring to an orgasm that never ends unless I stop petting him.

So tonight this is what I observed: I was chilling with my homie in my room, but Nike didn’t come venturing in to ask to be pet. That’s when I saw it. My cat has a love affair with me and my hand petting him in this comfortable bed. Not only has he been there for me on those rare nights when I cry myself to sleep (wow, I sound like a freak) or when I’m lonely. He is my art. My inspiration~ sorta kinda my everything when I go to sleep at night. I mean we do sleep together and he does see me naked almost everyday. I give him love, and he gives me his presence in return. I guess you can say this cat is damn lucky.

This seems like it’s getting creepy, but it is totally aesthetic to me. I love the way his ears perk up, I love his paws, the fur that is occasionally left in clumps on my bed, the individual pieces of fur that get stuck on my stockings, his eyes, whiskers, grin, and soft purr. It’s just nice to have something always there for me. And when he is gone, I will know he taught me a lesson. From him, I know that you can have a relationship with a pet, and that without one, life isn’t the same.

So my new mission is to somehow hide that I have a friend over, so that friend can see this phenomenon of a relationship, since when there is someone unfamiliar in my room with me, the dork won’t meow by my door to hang out. I want to see if I can change that! I want/am going to bring someone else into the picture to enjoy my cat with me.

Sincerely yours,

The Crazy Cat Lady


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