my baby!

March 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

On life and living

cat purrs, joking with friends, falling asleep fast, dancing with kids, whales exploding, cat stripes, kittens, puppies, heating blankets, broken hearts, dreaming, oxygen, horses, pens, christmas lights, chocolate, having no homework, parents, warm showers, dream catchers, sharpies, seeing people happy, cat whiskers, accomplishing things, not listening to country music,  cuddling, singing, quotes, photography, sudoku, silhouettes, nudes, meeting people, watching movies, reading a great book, making money, parties, goodwill, surfing, feeling cute, french braids, eyelashes, beds, music, concerts, nail polish, binder paper, weekends, hikes, waking up energized, photographs, drawing, clouds, slippers, the Beatles, posters, painting, sticks, breathing, trees, feeling comfortable, singing, writing, finishing homework, graduating, seeing everything turn out right, love, Destiny, peace, dressing up, swimming fast, old people, smooth legs, feeling wanted, having fun, being the spotlight. l i f e.


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