tell me what you know about livin’

March 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

ohhh hey, how are you? oh I’m good, how are you? good! good.

Tonight was fucking good. Correction: It was fucking great. I really do not know what I’m saying. But damn. This whole afternoon and night have been the icing on this year.

I shot my documentary assignment for photo this afternoon before the sun went down. This is a top-secret photo assignment. The product of this won’t be revealed here ,until at the latest, June.

The rest of the night is top top secret. Yes, that is top-secret squared. That means you will never find out unless I tell you. Which why would I tell you for no reason? What would be the point of making you want to know by teasing you like this? Anywayzies, I am in a super happy state of consciousness.

I took this picture, along with another dozen pictures for my cousin’s engagement.

See more of my pictures of Renee+Scott at:


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