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I woke up early since I originally was planning on exercising, which I now am glad that it didn’t work out. I took a shower, took care of my neighbor’s dog and then convinced my mom that I didn’t need to see a doctor about my breast cyst (it basically exploded last night). My dad and I finally got out of the house by 7.45ish. The sky was still covered in fog when we pulled into the Cal State Monterey Bay campus at 9ish–2 hours early for our tour. Being the awesome people who we are, my dad and I did the driving tour and visited the book store. At 10.30 we made our way over to the Alumni and Visitor Center where the tour was to begin (this was the rare  and beautiful clear sky, that was blue by the end of the tour (1ish):

The poppy field adjacent to the Visitor Center's parking lot!

I really liked how small and inviting the campus is. The central part of campus can be described as colorful and new, and as you venture further away from the center, there are dozens upon dozens of old and abandoned barracks/buildings that were a part of the old Marine base, Fort Ord. It was really interesting to see parts of the Fort that were similar to an abandoned old-time Western town… A medical building, lines of housing that were boarded up or had broken windows, old basketball courts, an entertainment building, etc.

Go Toms!

I also loved the class sizes which are smaller than those at my current high school! (average 24 students to a class) I think I was extremely impressed by everything else, especially when the tour guide mentioned that the beach is just a 10 minute jog from the campus and that surfing can be taken as a class worth 1 unit! Score. Oh and also there is a darkroom, but we didn’t get around to seeing it 😦 The pool also seemed respectable..

My dad and I found this mural by the bookstore. This is maybe 1/4 of it! it was huge

After the tour, our tummies decided that it was lunch time! My dad wanted to show me Moss Landing which is maybe 5 miles down from a private beach where “our” beach house is. My family and family friends have been renting it out since I was a baby… The city is characterized as a fishing town with lots of antique shops and a huge power plant. I’ve always seen the big smoke stacks since I was younger because on a clear day at the beach house you can see them. So we found a very cute Mexican restaurant in this town, and I had the best burrito I have ever eaten. That is not an exaggeration at all.

But wait, my day doesn’t end in Moss Landing. After we ate and looked in the restaurants art gallery:


We went on an adventure to find Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Santa Cruz. I had google mapped it in the morning, but google map sucks, so it took us a while to find it. Once we found it, we visited with one of the owners and a tech. It was HUGE compared to any of the Mr. Rooter’s I’ve seen.. very nice.

Once we got out of there and back on the freeway it was about 15.30 in the afternoon. My dad suggested we drive all the way to Half Moon Bay from Santa Cruz, which would take another hour of driving. Then somehow the Mystery Spot came up in conversation, and I said, “HEY! Can we go to the Winchester Mystery House?”… I’ve been wanting to see it really badly. So after maybe 30-45 minutes of very very good navigation, but at the same time bad, we found it!! and got tickets for the second to last tour!! I was so insanely stoked. If you’ve never heard of the Winchester Mansion, I really recommend you read about it at the website: It’s quite simply the most amazingly bizarre thing ever.

Oh yeah, byol! Brian’s sewer is stopped up and I offered Brian to come take a shower here. I texted him BYOL! or, Bring Your Own Luffa! ahhaha, I like to think I’m funny.

So two tours in one day? I am pretty damn tired.. And I think Mrs. Winchester had us walk one fucking MILE through her huge and confusing mansion. How crazy is that? YEAH, you have got to check out her seance room. This lady was speakin’ my lingo! I love to Ouija board and I meant to ask the tour guide if anyone has tried to Ouija Board in the Winchester Mystery House. freaky huh? I don’t think I would have the guts to do it.

I can’t wait to tour the most hippest place in the world I know of! Humboldt State University! That’s going down on Saturday. It will be another all day ordeal… You gotta love the four-hour drive each way 🙂 I’ll be writing my entire Reviving Ophelia essay in the car. Bon Voyage!


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