April 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am becoming impatient! i want to move out! my mom keeps waking me up in the mornings on a weekend, and it really pisses me off. After a week of getting crappy sleep because of babysitting and essays, waking up before 10am on the weekend really gets me fire burnin’ mad, and FAST.

Speaking of weekends, my sister is at Coachella this weekend (all three days).. that lucky bitch! her twitter is full of things like:

dawn_ferguson: Just got photographed by a trend forecaster from WGSN. I’m so ahead of trend in my vintage dress apparently. We laugh at the irony

dawn_ferguson: White rabbits back to back with Edward sharpe and the xx?? Coachella just reached new heights of awesomeness, I’m telling you

dawn_ferguson: V.weekend sort of a dissapointment live…Little Dragon exceeeeeeded expectations. Pretty major

YEAH. BE JEALOUS WITH ME. I hate people for their accomplishments sometimes… Whatever, she deserves it, and yesterday was kinda awesome, so I can’t complain.. except for my finger that feels like it’s broken… YEP, smashed it in a window last night at 4 in the morning. a very cool story indeed.

fuck yeah goths does things to me

REPEAT: I love boys… WARNING: i LOVE boys… repeat repeat repeat: I LOVE BOYS and hospice and shopping and the library

… that will be my day today… and cleaning out my room for COLLEGE mOTHAfuCkahhh


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