April 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

The University of Davis should really be renamed to University of Dick. It sucks, except for the parties and this magnificent sunset seen on THE WAY HOME. Okay, well I’m exaggerating because I’m totally in love with another school and I absolutely HATE big schools…

Today was Picnic Day which is legit. It’s a day where everyone gets FUCKED UP all day long and into the evening. I enjoyed myself radically. Saw some older cal high alumni (that my sister and I have known since PV) whom have a spectacular 70s pad that smells like a mixture of cheap beer, a boys locker room, and urine. There were beer cans all over the place– the backyard, just about everywhere on the ground, and in the living room which was filled just with a beer pong table. Talk about living the college life! If it was a little bit more clean, my friend and I decided we would have loved to live there.

An amazing day all in all. I cannot believe I am up still at 3 in the morning. Might as well keep going, right? fashoooooooo

chug chug chug chug chug chug


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