in light of 4/20

April 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

One day I was listening to a story of a friend’s experience with psychedelics. It really interested me, so I decided to write some of what he said down:

“The funny thing is, before I even tried weed, I shroomed. For two hours straight I was laughing. My friend was having a bad trip because it was his house. My dealer was just relaxed asking about why we’re living. All of a sudden I start hallucinating. My friend turns into the human version of the killer, Chuckie, and the other one looked like an angel who was trying to stab me. Lucky for me, the drug doesn’t make me see things unless I eat 3x more than what I did.This night was around Thanksgiving– we decided to go into my friends backyard. All of a sudden we think we’re hearing turkey’s getting killed. Then we start recapping on old stories while smoking a cigar. I remember when my friend did acid, he thought he saw an elephant come out of a cat’s mouth. Another friend comes over, buys some from my dealer and takes them but ends up throwing up because he ate right before… so he had a bad trip.. He went to the second floor and watched some Family Guy. For some reason I thought it was the best show!”

me: How do you feel when you’re high?

him: “You think time is going faster but time is really going slow. I want to try pcp because I’ve seen people randomly start to hump a tree.”

him: “Every time I cover my eyes while I’m high I feel like I’m teleporting in space.”

him: “I feel like my tongue is made of squares that go on and off randomly–tons of them.”

him: Whenever I eat chips I feel like they’re stabbing my mouth.”


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