dream 4

April 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

For some reason, last night/this morning turned into some crazy dreams. I didn’t sleep well at all for no apparent reason that I can guess. I even woke up nauseous at one point, so I thought I was sick, but you’ll have to hear that part of the dream.

I fell asleep at 11pm last night. I woke up at 3am when my sister left for work. This part of the dream happened between 3-5am.

I was in my photography class that has been suffering financially in real life. In the dream, I walked into the room at night, and my teacher told me that when I go into the studio, read the instructions or he would kill me. So, my friend and I read some weird instructions that made sense to us. We see other people painting on canvas. I grab one and think about what I want to paint. I can’t think of anything really cool. I walk up to my teacher and tell him that I can bring in extra canvas because I have some at home I don’t use. He called me a dork.

Then somehow the dream goes somewhere else that seems like my room, but it’s not. Somehow PQ gets into a fight with other people, while I am swimming but also fighting with these two little girls that I need to hide my stuff from…? PQ’s fight starts to get blood all over my room and some house. I have end the fight and tell him to get into the shower. We get into the shower to wash off the blood, and I go to clean the house. While I’m cleaning, I try to find the hydrogen peroxide. I find it with some lady. I ask her if she is drinking it, and she told me yes. I sorta think, wtf? and then I ask why. She tells me that nothing has been strong enough to cure her upset stomach except for hydrogen peroxide.

I wake up there and I feel like I’m going to be sick. Pretty weird, huh?



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