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May 31, 2010 § 5 Comments

I was sitting alone one evening on my street…just sitting there on my porch like the old days, doing nothing at all. I wanted nothing from the world, I wanted to watch it do its thing. People watching really rocks. I people watch everywhere… That is what I wanted to do that warm evening in my wicker chair.

I began watching the planes fly, leaving their trails like snails. I found it amazing that the world continued to move while I just sat doing nothing. I was watching a movie that was as free as the open road. Doves purred in the distance as other unknown birds flew past me.

Birds must have a wonderful life. I would love to perch on a sunny afternoon just relaxing and looking for a mate. We’d fall quickly in love. As soon as we’d know it, our chicks would be hatched and maturing their vocal cords. I would love to be a crane or a dove.

In Japan, cranes are a symbol of luck and happiness. It is said that if you fold 1000 paper cranes in less than a year, a wish you have will come true.

White doves are a symbol of peace. They mate for life and are extremely loyal to one another. They are peaceful and endearing.

Tonight I started folding the start of my 1000 paper cranes. It’s a daunting task and I have no idea if I will make it to the full 1000. I might just go to 100. I will later post pictures of my cranes. Here are some from weheartit.com that have inspired me to keep going.


half psychotic, sick, hypnotic

May 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

still not asleep on a Thursday, after a really weird/interesting night to say the least. It’s 3AM and there’s nothing else I can say, ehhh, ehhh, eh. wish you’d never looked at me that way, ehhh eh, eh ay.

done with my project, hopefully, gulp. now pondering possible tattoos.

better hope to god I don't do this

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I am so so so so busy probably because there is 14 days tomorrow  until graduation which means 2 MORE WEEKS OF HIGH SCHOOL. Holy shit.

I had a long day yesterday– our senior picnic and then poetry slam in Berkeley. I am fucking exhausted. Didn’t get into bed until 1:30 AM. word.


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19 days, 7 hours, 58 minutes and 15 seconds until Graduation!!!

Okay, junior year, filled with a lot of mistakes followed by ugly consequences. Eh, but that means I was livin’, so it’s cool.

I wanted dreads and got my belly button pierced. I have nothing else to talk about junior year. As I look back on it… I know that I hated the whole fucking thing. I was burnt out of school, my teachers and certain friends were assholes.

I went to Prom with my best friend, and senior ball with another friend. They were both a blast.

I was in really good shape. I was swimming 17 hours a week. Even though I was on the top of my game in everything…. I would  NEVER  want to go back.


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BY FAR MY FAVORITE YEAR. The classes got harder and the boys got cuter. I survived chemistry and Algebra 2 in the same year. It was my first year of Varsity swimming which was a big deal back then. It was the year my sister and all her friends graduated who I still miss seeing around school still. We did Grease and 90s music for both our jazz choir performances. My sister and her friends were in my jazz choir class where we had loads of fun. We traveled to Disneyland together and performed there. [for graduation I will be wearing a cord/rope that will go around my neck for choir].  I still wore skirts a lot, but was transitioning into wearing pants. It was the first year I experimented with drugs.

quote of the week-NO, month-NO, CENTURY-YES

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OHHH, and P.S.

” if you wear ed hardy or anything christian audigier, you’re a douche bag. Sorry. This isn’t up for discussion. It’s a fact.”

–Alexi Wasser


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My Elementary teachers guessed it right– I would be very happy and having fun 24/7 like I was when I was younger. Middle School was where that went down hill, but now I’m back on top of the hill. Thank you everyone who has been in my life. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog or my newspaper column. I love you all. Isn’t this such a great flippin’ life? It goes by so fast! The adults weren’t lying! *sigh* Life seriously rocks, sucks and is scary all at the same time.

Here’s to high school motherfuckahhhh!! I will post pictures from all years in seperate posts 🙂 totally bringing back the memories tonight.

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