May 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Our suburban town is NOT dull. Seriously? It could be so much worse. For example, it could look like the carbon copy houses lined up in some melancholy suburban town in Britain like in Harry Potter. The poor guy. I really don’t blame him for not wanting to go home during breaks from Hogwarts. His Aunt, Uncle and cousin were such a drag. THAT is dull. Not my/our neck of the woods. It appears that we are protected by hills on all sides of us, when really it’s only two sides. The hills are gorgeous; green in the winter or tan during the summer. There are parks to play in, trails to jog on, and hills to hike. We are a perfect hour and a half to the beach, and about two hours to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We are smack dab in the middle of heaven. California is the greatest no matter how much our state government sucks at the moment. But where else does it not suck in America right now? There is no way that this suburban town is dull. It sucks and I want to get out of it right now, but I will not say that it is dull, even though the conservative-ass people suck… a lot… common guys, yes to prop 8? Fuck you. I say no on fake tans and juicy sweaters.


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