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I don’t know what I can say, and I don’t know what I can’t say about my new whistling career.

If you’re into indie movies, you may recognize some of the most amazing portrait photography found within the film of High Art. Check it out  for yourself, it’s a great movie.


the barking needs to stop

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and the cuddling needs to begin!

dream! dream! dream! #5 and #6

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This is all I can remember:

My younger neighbor who I don’t really know was raped in my dream.

The end.

This is really sad, and I don’t know what to think of it. OH, I remember another one:

This dream took place at present time. I was going to get married. My family and friends were all there at the beach where I finally decided on having the ceremony. I was having difficulty deciding if I wanted to commit, and finally in the end someone convinced me that even though I am going to college next year, I would be able to handle marriage. I don’t remember how the dream finished….

good night moon

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buenos noches luna


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I need to explore more music right now. My inspiration is at a stand still right now.

senior year

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look at me all graduated and what not


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It’s been a while. I’ve been busy tending to my summer activities 🙂

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