This is no Bridget Jones

June 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

Last night at a random chill session in Vallejo, a super cute dude walked in. This super cute dude makes me swoon. But there is a major problem: he is 27, is the biggest pothead/alcoholic I have ever known and is just kinda nasty in general. There is something about him I can’t explain. He held my hand. His hand was warm and comfortable. It had fit perfectly into mine. Us talking on the couch really got me thinking…

Along with Alexi Wasser’s blog IMBOYCRAZY:

“this fling represented something bigger for me. it made me think about how different experiences can be; what i want, definitely do not want, and behavior of mine that I’d like to change. behavior that, up until a few days ago, i didn’t even realize i engaged in. in a perfect world, my future won’t involve men ever sending me a picture of their dick again. and certainly not with me sleeping with them- like a reward or something. but the sex was fun, and i don’t regret it. even the part when i found out he’s a blogger too, and him writing about me!

he’s not my future husband or anything. JUST a random encounter! but totally blog-worthy and a tool to be used for self reflection and growth.

i just realized why I’m boy crazy; I’m boy crazy because every time i see/meet a new dude- i have hope. hope because it’s another chance for me to find love. a love that’s unconditional and stronger than the love i never got from my father. wahhhhhhhhh!”

So, the super cute boy and Alexi Wasser allowed me to realize something that I hope all girls will realize in the future.


And not to settle for less than what you want. I have learned this from all the boys who have come into my life.


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