much love from the mbc

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this is my sister


much love

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After a long break from school, today is the day to go back. I am so fucking blessed. This break has been relaxing yet fun. I have received so much, and got to enjoy one of my favorite things: n a t u r e. I also finally bought the entire Pepper Rabbit album that I have been needing on my frikkin iPod. I couldn’t be anymore excited for moving back in today with my sister and our friend, and then sleeping next door to my love, Zachary, this semester. Life is spectacular.

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fuck, i should be doing this shit.

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Found at



Don’t take me seriously

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Dear therapist at ***** I really need to talk to because i’m depressed,

I need to tell you that I love this swirly numb feeling and death and ***. That is all i Love. Add to that, catz, my mom dad, **** and ****. It makes me that sad that I need to become like **** and ****, engaged with a full time job. I won’t ever be like them, which makes me sad. Ill just be this nonexistant hippie who no one understands because of the fact that she enjoys peeing and pooping outside.

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why why WHY WHY WHY why WhY wHy WHy wHy WHY for god sakes can I not be my sister?

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